Wednesday, March 4, 2009



“Purple Plates” better known as "energy plates" are mysterious healing plates directly linked to Tesla's scientific discoveries of high-energy emissions.These energy plates are said to be beneficial to all life-plant, animal or human by accelerating the normal rate of positive vibration in tissue. These purple aluminum plates allow for the atoms and electrons within the plate to resonate in tune with the basic energy that causes the particles of every atom and molecule to be in constant vibration.

The theory is that the energy around the plates helps to accelerate healing thus returning the injured area to its normal rate of vibration. Among the plate’s many uses is its ability to raise personal vibrational energy levels and to protect one against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment and from EMR- producing equipment, such as computers, televisions, etc.

själ stores its ingredients and products on these purple plates to help raise energistic levels of ingredients and to help omit electro magnetic frequency.

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