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Known as the love stone, rose quartz is considered to be a stone from the heart and for the heart. It helps one to feel a strong sense of self-worth and unconditional love.

Rose Quartz gives the user a gentle vibration of love. It is said to provide inner peace allowing one to give and receive love in all its forms. Rose quartz also acts as a rejuvenator for the skin. It is believed that washing the face in water charged by rose quartz will help fade winkles and keep skin looking young.

Try our mineral källa tonic and balans deep pore cleanser – charged with Rose Quartz and feel the love!


DESTINATION - Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

Local legend purports that female pirate Anne Bonny camped out here in the 1720s, lending the original name - Pirate Cay. This 1000 acre island with its mile-long powdered beach, now hosts the ultra luxurious and very private vacation hideaway Parrot Cay Resort and Spa, called by some the world's most exclusive resort where anyone can enjoy the solitude and anonymity. Beachfront homes have been built for notables such as Bruce Willis and Keith Richards.

Here you will find an award winning holistic spa, health cuisine and beach houses with private pools. At Parrot Cay Estates, the soul is unique with space to rediscover those forgotten rhythms of long days and easy nights.

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Gem elixirs are liquid preparations made from gemstones. They are prepared by placing gemstones in a clear glass bowl filled with water. The bowl is then placed in the sunlight for several hours allowing the water to be charged by the gemstones.

The electromagnetic vibration specific to the stone is transferred to the water via osmosis. Once ingested, the electromagnetic vibration in the water alters electromagnetic vibrations in the body for proper chakra alignment.

It is normal to have two or three chakras out of balance. Gem elixirs provide an excellent means of sorting out chakra imbalances. Gem elixirs are specific to a particular chakra and can assist in balancing their activity level. Experts suggest choosing two or three gem stone elixirs to balance the charkas helping to restore the body to normal activity.

There are seven chakras or energy centres in the etheric body plus the spleen chakra that obtains and circulates energy to the physical body. The chakras are defined as bio-physical resonators that activate the endocrine glands and maintain the health of the organ systems. The seven major spinal chakras are involved with various levels of consciousness.



This stunning Cistercian abbey in Catalonia located an hour and a half from Barcelona is one of the largest in Spain. Poblet was founded in the middle of the 12th century by French Fontfroide monks.

Located at the end of a winding road in the Prades mountains, inland from the ancient Spanish city of Tarragona, the Cistercian monastery of Poblet is not only difficult to find but hard to leave behind.

The monastery has a natural spring in a center of the main cloister and is surrounded by fertile fields and silver mountain peaks balancing both the spiritual and practical.

The Cistercians did full honor to the site with architecture that was not only noble in scale but, harmonious in proportion and austere in detail.

Although Poblet remains partly in ruin it is serene inspiration for those who reach it.



Jamie Chew is transforming the modern dining table with her unique take on traditional Chinese porcelain. Influenced by her Malaysian homeland, Chew has lived in Paris, Beijing, Geneva and Shanghai, fueling her inspiration for her ‘east meets west’ Limoges porcelain.

Her ‘tradition with a twist’ cultural patterns come in sublime shades of red, green, blue, brown, pink and lavender. Each plate, cup and saucer is handcrafted, with all designs applied by hand. Each of the five patterns features a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, teacup and saucer or you can purchase a five place setting. From the traditional Arabesque pattern, available in earthy Arabian Spice, red Hibiscus or Bluemarine, the bold floral and circular Lotus Pavillion pattern in turquoise or tangerine, to the playful Shangrila pattern with a butterfly, lotus flowers, fish or toad in apple green or ecru, Chew’s designs incorporate influences from India, Arab and Egyptian cultures.

J. Chew Porcelain encourages us to have a swish dinner party, even if our version of cooking entails our favorite take out!



From his earliest recordings with his group Roxy Music, at the beginning of the 1970s, Bryan Ferry has taken his place as one of the most innovative and distinctive singers and lyricists to emerge in popular music. In his music you hear an original vocal brilliance which merges – with effortless, breathtaking elegance – the poise of Sinatra, the charisma of Gainsbourg and the intensity of Johnnie Ray.

But then there was something extra – a quality of nuance, verve and performance which seemed so ultra-modern, and so refined, that it seemed to break wholly new ground.
Bryan Ferry’s vocal genius lies in his peerless ability to merge musical styles – from French chanson, through classic crooner to hard edged rock – creating that sheen of pure drama which has become his artistic signature.

He achieves a perfect tension between languor and melodrama, the results of which become a classic definition of high romance.



Syn®-Tacks is an innovative combination of two peptides that interact with the most relevant protein structures of the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ). DEJ provides structural and functional integrity to our skin.

However, the functionality our body's DEJ starts to change around the age of 30. This decline in functionality continues and is accelerated by external and environmental influences such as UV light.

Syn®-Tacks simultaneously stimulates Laminin V Collagen type IV, VII and XVII and Intergrin with significant results. With this broad spectrum activity it is possible to achieve the utmost structural benefit for the skin. By increasing the activity of these proteins the whole structure of the DEJ is improved. This leads to a significantly visible cosmetic benefit.

- Improved structural integrity
- Improved epidermal nourishment
- Improved molecular communication within the skin
- Improved skin tonicity
- Reduced wrinkles
- Improved skin firmness

Syntacks bio peptide contained in sjal’s cela and kura intuitif.