Friday, April 24, 2009



Gem elixirs are liquid preparations made from gemstones. They are prepared by placing gemstones in a clear glass bowl filled with water. The bowl is then placed in the sunlight for several hours allowing the water to be charged by the gemstones.

The electromagnetic vibration specific to the stone is transferred to the water via osmosis. Once ingested, the electromagnetic vibration in the water alters electromagnetic vibrations in the body for proper chakra alignment.

It is normal to have two or three chakras out of balance. Gem elixirs provide an excellent means of sorting out chakra imbalances. Gem elixirs are specific to a particular chakra and can assist in balancing their activity level. Experts suggest choosing two or three gem stone elixirs to balance the charkas helping to restore the body to normal activity.

There are seven chakras or energy centres in the etheric body plus the spleen chakra that obtains and circulates energy to the physical body. The chakras are defined as bio-physical resonators that activate the endocrine glands and maintain the health of the organ systems. The seven major spinal chakras are involved with various levels of consciousness.

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