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Smithsonite Crystal Meaning
Named after James Smithson (1754-1829), British chemist and mineralogist, founder of the Smithsonian Institution Washington. This stone is used for calming, opening of the heart and to new beginnings. Smithsonite is thought to provide a firm and comfortable removable from unpleasant situations. Aids in recovery of trauma and allows one to move on from the past with optimism and enthusiasm. When placed at the crown chakra it aligns all of the chakras and changes the persons’ vibration to a suitable frequency reaching the highest levels within. It is known to stimulate the path towards enlightenment. In addition, it helps to remove negative energy as it opens the etheric body and clears the astral body allowing the psychic connection to become clearer and lighter. A very usable crystal for both healing practice, psychic and spiritual development.

Smithsonite Healing Use
Immune System, Skin Eruptions, alcoholism, osteoporosis, sinus disorders.

Smithsonite colors: White, Grey, Yellow, Pink, Purple

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