Monday, July 13, 2009



In Stuart Wilde’s “The Art of Redemption” he discusses fear, anxiety and its causes. According to an English shaman whom he consults with “low-grade fear isn’t a result of psychological issues it’s often due to dehydration.”

People should consume daily 6 pints or 3 liters of water each day. If your water intake is less than this amount body cells become dehydrated, and apprehension and insecurity dramatically increase. Also hydration will help being less scared and depressed.

If you start drinking enough water dramatic improvements will be seen in a short time. In addition to the water you should eat lecithin table or granules, which will help cells absorb water. Your anxiety level will reduce as quickly as three days. To fully re-hydrate yourself you need to do it for about three weeks. If you keep your body hydrated with water and lecithin, low-grade fear and mild depression can be subsided or lessened.

Work cited: Wilde, Stuart. The Art of Redemption. 2007.

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