Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hug your morning wood…

Machines have a reputation for being cold and impersonal, except of course if you rely on your laptop’s hard drive to be your second (sometimes better) brain. But it’s not everyday that designers create things that tune into your emotions like the funky moon rings our sister used to wear in the Seventies.

Emerging from the wildly innovative art school Bezalel in Jerusalem is Heart-Beans, a coffee grinder which when you hold it close to your body, like a baby, grinds coffee based on the rhythm of your heart. (Check out the cute guy demonstrating how it works.)

According to our friend Ziva, who plucked this gem from the blogosphere, Heart-Beans uses natural wood and high-tech lasers to detect your heart rate. It’s this pulse which “inspires” the machine to grind.
It was designed by a team of students at Bezalel during a course called ‘Food for Thought’; the coffee grinder is a statement on our culture’s of consumption, it speaks to our obsession with objects, and it caters to the way we worship technology. The designers say:
“To use this object, you must caress it and hug it, much like as a baby is held, the user inevitably bonds with it, emotionally.”

Currently in prototype stages, Ziva at Designist Dream remarks:
It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty smart. Everyone loves coffee - ‘cept for those snooty tea drinkers. And it’s technology with heart as you can see in the video below... It’s the robot that fulfills your innermost desire. In this case, coffee. Deep, rich and dark, from the bottom of your heart (beat). Ground with love - or whatever else you’ve got brewing inside.

Designer: Adi Navwany, Michal Shamsian, Itamar Paloge & Danielle Ram

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