Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Paulette did an amazing job transforming the space into a stylish, warm dining room, using many recycled materials. Beautiful old beams from a barn and the whitewashed floor creates a farmhouse effect that matches the market-driven menu.

Local artists made the ceramic plates and the bread and dessert dishes and the silverware are antique. Placemats and menus come from 100% recycled paper and our coasters are squares of cardboard from shipping boxes.

Lois Freedman and James Liakakos have been doing a great job training the front-of-house staff to be as warm and inviting as the ambiance. We want this restaurant to reflect the farm-to-table experience with a casual and convivial atmosphere and the servers have made diners feel very much at home. We’ve even found some of the front-of-the-house staff uniforms at local thrift stores in the spirit of the recycling.

In this elegant, comfortable dining room, we serve market-driven dishes made with the freshest organic and local ingredients possible. Even the cocktails devised by Bernie Sun, my beverage director, are made with local, organic liquors and juices. I especially love the tarragon-infused Green Kitchen and sparkly Blood Orange Bellini. An extensive list of biodynamic wines and local beers accompany the mixed drinks.


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