Monday, March 7, 2011


Edible seaweed burst with multi-nutrients, no other plant life in the world can give! They feed and support every cell, tissue and organs of our bodies. Seaweed is the world’s most basic yet complete food. Ancient super food is our ancestor’s secret to health and longevity.

For thousands of years now, our forefathers fed on a diet of edible seaweed. They roamed the earth, shorelines and harvested what turned out to be the deepest secret to super health and long life.

In fact, sea or ocean vegetables were so prized during those times that at one point, sea vegetable gardens were kept in Hawaii specifically for royalty. And the first ever-recorded proof that seaweed is a perfect food source dates back to 300 B.C. in China.
Not only are they bearers of complete nourishment but also are natural weight loss and anti-aging “agents” as well. Now, scientists have proved that, seaweed has a very positive effect on the human body.

Gillian McKeith, author of Living Food for Health, says sea vegetables contain key minerals not found anywhere else in plant form. Ms. Gillian also mentions that the body more easily absorbs the protein found in ocean vegetables than meat protein, making it one of nature’s best anti-ageing foods on earth.

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