Friday, October 2, 2009



The secret of Carpe Diem Kombucha is in the fermentation of a select mixture of herbal tea with Kombucha cultures, lactobacilli and sugar.

During the fermentation process, most of the sugar is converted and valuable organic acids and carbohydrate splitting enzymes are formed which give the drink its particularly pleasant and unique character. Kombucha contains natural antioxidants and Kombucha has a harmonizing effect on the metabolism.

A legend tells of a monk named Kombu who once cured the Japanese Emperor Inkyo of his stomach troubles with his “cha” (= tea). Thus this mystical drink, which was already known in the days of the Tsin Dynasty in 221 B.C., found its way into the Zen philosophy of life. The symbol of the Zen masters, the archer, expresses purity and harmony of the body and soul. And the Zen masters have always attributed precisely this duality to Kombucha.

Since ancient times, Kombucha has been considered a beauty elixir in Asia. It seems to contain the secret to porcelain smooth skin and strong healthy hair. During Europe’s eventful history however, Kombucha faded from the memories of those in our part of the world. After being rediscovered, this tea beverage wrapped in myth conquered the “New World”. Today, renowned magazines are reporting more and more on this amazing Asian tea beverage from such glamorous locations as Hollywood. There, Kombucha has long since been an insider’s tip for natural radiance and well-being.

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