Friday, October 2, 2009



A vortex is a power spot were a great concentration of energy emits from the earth. These can be positive ( expands energy) or negative (dissipates energy) . The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona are considered a major area because four powerful positive vortexes are within a few square miles of each other.

Native American Indians tell us that the towering red rocks stimulate sensitivity and that here a person realizes his true dreams and ambitions. People are drawn to this area and have written thousands of pages documented life changing moments, developed psychic ability and had actual physical healing. I too have had a physical healing experience in the red rocks. While hiking, I asked for a sign to show me that this place was indeed all it claimed to be and that my spiritual evolution was on the right path.

Two days later, several painful cysts I had noticed on two fingers had completely dissipated and
have never returned. Sedona is a place of exceptional energy which can elevate consciousness.

If interested, read Dick Sutphen Presents Sedona: Psychic Energy Vortexes.

My best to you, Karen.

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