Friday, October 2, 2009



Largely calcium carbonate, pearl is produced within the tissue of shelled mollusks.

The pearl represents faith, charity, truth and spiritual knowledge. It is a unique stone as it comes from the animal kingdom yet is reflective of the mineral world. Pearl’s water origin gives it a natural resonance with tidal and lunar forces and is thus considered to be good for emotional states. Pearl powder contains properties for brightening and helps to inhibit the tyrosinase (or spotting) process. Pearl also contains high levels of glutathione which is a natural anti-oxidant or detoxifier.

Micro-Pearl is contained in sjal’s enzyme exfoliating mask, orbe eye crème, balans cleanser, cela and kura intuitif. Pearl granules are contained in the exfoliating pearl mask for physcial polishing and exfoliation.

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